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SafeFilm Radiation Reducing Film
SafeFilm Radiation Reducing Film
USD$ 19.99
*Model: SafeFilm
*Weight: 0.03 lbs


Power Trend SafeFilm is the only film tested and proven by FCC and CE accredited Laboratories to reduce SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) effectively by 89.71% and minimize the Peak SAR by 96%, thus lowering the SAR up to 97.15% below the International Safety Limits. SafeFilm not only protects you from unnecessary exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), but alo optimizes your cell phone's signal strength.
  • Reduces cell phone radiation (SAR) by up to 97.15% below safety standards
  • Mlnimlze the Peak SAR by 96%
  • Does not compromise the performance of your phone
  • Premium silicon adhesive: easy application and removal
  • Dirts and markings on film easily wipe off
  • Protects your phone from dirt and scratches
  • No hazardous substances used.( RoHS Tested)
  • Package includes: 1 pc Power Trend” SafeFilm, 1 pc lint-free cloth, 1 pc dust removal sticker patch, 1 pc
  • instruction card for easy, bubble free installation.